Mandy Moore fans saw a new side to the singer/actress during her July 18 appearance in Boston.

Judging by her successes in the box office and billboard charts, Moore has the talent to light up both the silver screen and the music scene. With new comedy “License to Wed” drawing laughter in theaters and a heartfelt album on the shelves of music stores, Moore seems to have proven she’s no longer the bubblegum blonde pop singer blending with others on the scene.

On a picturesque summer afternoon, Moore drew a small but enthusiastic crowd of all ages to the Prudential Center’s South Garden.

Sleek in all black, Moore visibly set herself apart from her listeners, who were dressed in summer shorts and light colored tank tops, but it was the truth and clarity that rang in her voice that really put all eyes on her.

Moore showed fans her true self by performing five songs off her newly released album, “Wild Hope.”

Many would describe Moore as a down-to-earth Hollywood starlet, and the description is fitting for her latest collection of songs. Finding love, losing it and learning about herself in the process, “Wild Hope” hopes to convey a message to the listener. With help from artists such as The Weepies, Rachel Yamagata and Lori McKenna, Moore constructed her album with upbeat, empowering hits like current single "Extraordinary,” mixed with warm, deep ballads like “Gardenia.”

“Wild Hope” helps Moore transition from a singer to a singer/songwriter, and — maybe more importantly — from a girl to a woman.

While her original fans may be wary of her new image and sound, fans that have matured along with Moore will welcome the change.

During her concert, Moore took the time to interject sweet, mild-mannered commentary about her inspiration and what each song meant to her. She described the bittersweet song "Looking Forward" as a "politically correct way of letting go,” and explained that she found the emotions to write "Wild Hope" after a lonely trip to Japan. Co-authoring all 12 songs on the album marks a first for Moore and a trend she says she’d like to follow in future endeavors.

In Moore’s effort to regain her love for singing, she’s co-headlining a tour with Paula Cole. The tour, which is described to create more of an intimate experience with the audience and focus on the music rather than the performance, begins Aug. 16 in San Jose, Calif., and will include select solo performances.

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  1. Tori

    i love mandy. shes actually one of those celebs that doesnt party all night long or do drugs. shes so cool. and shes AWESOME live.

  2. Osea Nelson

    Mand’s just plain cool. I love what she’s done on “Wild Home.” Love her sound, love her look.

  3. JEnelle

    Wow. I am in love with Mandys Music. She was my FAVORITE in A Walk To Remember but im #1 fan for sure. Ask anyone. i pretty much had a shrine to that movie in grade 10. hahaha oh wells. i grew up but never outta her. She is an inspiration to ME for SURE!! wow. i hope someday… i will be where she is. <3 … or, at least.. close. haha <3 xoxo ps- im the one who likes blue, juice (but not the purple one), and its been good. With red roses and candle light dinners and long (walks on the beach)talks in your room… <3 just sayin’ love love lovE!!!!! ####

  4. JEnelle

    black sheep. Mandy Mooooooorrreee. Cow… town…. hahaha oh im soooo hilarious. i hate that im the only one that thinks im funny. oh wels. ttyl. xoxo


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