You can just feel that yellow-hot heat coming around the corner, right down Evergreen Terrace.

The Simpsons Movie is fast-approaching, and you’d better be ready for an all-out onslaught of unbearably cheesy gimmicks. This is just another one of them., a site recently birthed by Fox and Burger King, allows curious visitors–those with tons of free time—to craft a Simpson-like character in their likeness, using the site’s, uh, automatic human/Simpson character imaging device, I guess.

On “Simpsonize Me” you can upload a picture of yourself, and the site gathers the person’s main features, and essentially, translates them into the ever-famous, yellow-colored cartoon model. Users have limited control of the features, such as the ability to choose dress style, hair style/length, and gender. The photo should be a fairly high-resolution/high-contrast headshot to work best.

Once your humble editor defeated his serious insecurity issues and finally mustered up the necessary self-confidence, he turned the image transformer “thingy” on himself. See photo for results.

However, most people have found serious problems with the application; they find themselves uploading and reloading picture after picture just to get it to work, if it even ends up working at all. What the program doesn’t tell you is that in order to get your Simpsonized image, you need to meticulously adjust the contrast of the photo so that it can properly read it, even if it’s a perfectly well-lit picture.

Either way, this application has made a pretty big splash; it’s been featured in Entertainment News International, the front page of Digg and has been one of the main promotional tools for both Burger King products and The Simpsons Movie, which hits theaters July 27.

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