Action – Vampire Rain – Xbox 360 – Microsoft

In Vampire Rain, vampires have taken over the streets. An elite black ops unit, under the faux "American Information Bureau" is sent to Los Angeles, where a contingency of vampires is said to roam, to wipe them out. The familiar sounding plot could make this one could be hit or miss, but take into account the fact that Naoto Oshima, one of the original "Sonic the Hedgehog" creators is behind this one and has promised to make a game where vampires are scary once again. Whether it ends up being scary or not, look for great visuals, realistic weather elements and excellent outdoor architecture models. Be advised, this isn’t another "Halo" action game where you can run at your opponents, guns blazing. The enemies are extremely tough and require patience and methodical stealth to defeat. This style of action game doesn’t sit well with some gamers, but then again, you can always play Doom 3.

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