If you like crossword puzzles, you can take them with you anywhere you go on the Nintendo DS.

There are seven levels of difficulty in the New York Times Crosswords from Majesco. The game allows competition or cooperative modes in the multi player games. The single players can compete on certain difficulty levels to unlock extras or jump in and play quick games.

The game shows the crossword puzzle as a board that can be moved around to see different parts and it recognizes letters entered through the stylus. With the multiplayer games you can go head to head with your fellow crossword friends, or work together to solve the puzzle.

The game looks good for crossword finatics–letting them play it on the go. With 1000, puzzles it would take a long time to exhaust.

It looks great for crossword fans but for everyone else, but they’re not your typical gamers. If you’re tired of sudoku, give it a shot.

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