Blast Magazine clearly doesn’t fear change, and I hope you don’t either. What we’re trying to do is be able to put out flashy covers and section pages and use our excellent graphic design and photography abilities while still providing you with fresh content that comes out more than once a month.

So here’s what we’re gonna do

  • Author/reader profiles. You are now able to create you own Blast profile and add a pic/avatar and link to your own website or blog.
  • Four sections–lots of categories. We’re tagging all our articles so you can look for whatever you want.
  • Quickies! Short, brief articles that get right to the point.
  • Search implemented. In addition to tagging our categories, you can also search for whatever fits your fancy.
  • Enterprise articles. We are rather unique online because we often run excellent long-form articles about important and complex topics. We also find that these articles are our most read pieces. So now we’re going to highlight them and create “front pages” for each one to visualize everything like you were turning the pages of a magazine.
  • New photo galleries. We’re going to implement new photo galleries with larger images.
  • Image previews on all pages. We’ll insert photo previews of each story next to the headline and excerpt so you can see what you’re about to read
  • Covers will still be there in their own tab
  • The header image. We want you to be able to navigate the magazine and see a lot–but we want to remind you about this month’s stories
  • Advertising. We’ve done extensive research and you have been very clear with us: our advertising sucks. So we changed it and filtered out anything offensive, spamy and downright dumb.

So there ya go. Don’t say we never gave you anything.


About The Author

John Guilfoil is the editor-in-chief of Blast: Boston's Online Magazine and the Blast Magazine Network. He can be reached at [email protected]. Tweet @johnguilfoil.

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