Nyko released a charge station for the Wii that includes two batteries for the Wii motes, a new battery cover and a base station that can charge both remotes at the same time.

Unfortunately the Wii did not come with a rechargeable battery for its remotes.

This has, however, created an opportunity for 3rd parties to create their own.

This was a good idea since the Wii was designed with many multi-player games, such as Wii Sports that it shipped with. The double remote charge station means that only one is required to purchase for two remotes. The charge station is a little big compared to the Penguin United model we reviewed earlier. Since it was designed for two Wii Motes, it had to be bigger.

The charge station comes with new battery covers. These covers have no-slip plastic. They are nice since they are grooved so that it’s harder to loose them. Everyone by now has heard horror stories of someone throwing a Wii Mote into their big screen TV. The cover is also needed so that the battery can connect to the charger.

Unfortunately, like the Penguin United battery packs, Nyko does not allow you to use third party Wii Mote covers. The charge station is form fitting for the Wii Motes.

I would give the Nyko Charge Station a 9 out of 10. Murphy’s law says that the batteries would run out just as your facing the hardest boss. With a rechargeable battery pack, you’ll always be charged when you want to play.

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