Play Sudoku with pictures instead of numbers.

This Game for the DS was designed for those don’t like to see numbers. The game of Sudoku is played with icons for each of the numbers. This is aimed at a younger audience that will enjoy changing the pictures, and even drawing their own pictures to use in the game.

The game has a pixel editor for inputing your own art, pixel by pixel. This allows each character to be completely individual. The character set can then be saved. Beyond the user created characters there are 250 unique images that come with the game. A few are available from the start, but many must be unlocked by solving the different puzzles.

The multi player mode is unique in allowing the players to block portions of the competitions screen, making it harder to complete the puzzle. This adds a more competitive aspect and makes it more of interaction, than simply trying for the fastest score.

I found the game amusing but not the best Sudoku adaptation I’ve ever seen.

The icons on the screen are very small and if two look similar it can be hard to tell them apart sometimes. I also found icons to be harder to play with as it’s harder to tell which ones have already been used and which ones haven’t. I do think it would be a good introduction to someone that hasn’t played Sudoku before though. Many people are likely intimidated by the numbers in a regular Sudoku board. this will eliminate that. So I’ll give this game a 4 out of 10.

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