The wild road rage of the Gumball 3000 road rally has zipped into the fashion world.

Seven-time Gumball 3000 champion, Alexander Roy, has launched a new line of European racing-inspired jackets fit for those of us who can’t stomach the action of an intercontinental rally race but want the look of one.

The jackets are the real thing; they’re made of the finest leather, and are delicately crafted to provide the look and feel of an actual racing jacket. Designed for both men and women, the jackets are available in various sizes, colors and styles.

The origin of the elite racing team—and its custom jackets—lies on the very surface of modern European history.

In 1957, the German government formed Polizei 144–the world’s first Autobahn Intercept Unit. Think of them as the ultimate highway patrol unit; they became known for snatching Europe’s most notorious high-profile criminals along the world’s most famous highway.

When the force was disbanded in 1998, rally driver Alexander Roy restructured the defunct police force into an elite racing force that tests out test-phase and prototype cars that are too fast and powerful for ordinary roads. Since the birth of the Gumball3000–the giant annual, multinational rally race across Europe–in 1999, Team Polizei has won every single year.

These racing jackets are meant to capture that very essence of European style and the edge of rally racing. Zipped up, they look fit to hit the concrete; unzipped and open, they look sleek, yet casual.

The jackets also feature additional mods, such as various combinations of pins and patches–these can be customized–along with a wide variety of color and fabric (nylon/leather) combinations.

So far, the trend has caught on in the States. The list of celebrities who have donned these jackets includes Courtney Cox-Arquette, Dave Navarro, Jessica Biel, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Paul Walker and others.

For anywhere between $650 and $950, you can pick up your own piece of Euro-racing gear at

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