Well, it’s May.

This month we flew out to Hollywood to sit down with Dominic Comperatore, a perennial television actor who has made his emergence onto the big screen in a big way. Kelly Bodami talked with him and we’re happy to present his story.

What the hell happened with this Don Imus shit? We had Kelly look into that too, because I still don’t get it.

I also saw first-hand, a really good progressive rock band called Mile Marker Zero. They were the main opener for Spock’s Beard in Hartford April 26. Check these guys out, seriously.

The world of writing and reporting lost two very influential members last month with the deaths of Kurt Vonnegut and David Halberstam. We brought out two of our own best writers to attempt to pay tribute.

In our main article in "Culture" this month, we take a good hard look at Marijuana use among 20-somethings and college students. By all indications, smoking pot just isn’t as much of a taboo as it used to be. And forget about the "gateway drug" mentality. Nobody’s buying that line anymore.

Last but not least, Josh Wolf is finally free! After spending more than 200 days locked up for the cause of journalism, he’s out. But we definitely haven’t heard the last of him, or his story.

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