Sudoku for the PSP, Play Sudoku anywhere.

With over one million different Sudoku puzzles, this game will keep anyone busy for a while. The game has skill levels from novice to expert. Giving all a challenge without making it to hard to be impossible for some. Carol gives lots of information about Sudoku, from it’s history to how to beat them better.

The game includes tutorials led by Carol Vorderman for all levels. The tutorials are video’s of Vorderman, where she shows tips and tricks to beat Sudoku games. These tutorials spread out over skill levels, so that anyone whether a beginner or a master can still learn something from it. She has a board behind her that she can point to, showing where the moves are, and why they are there. Why one piece can only be a certain number or a different number.

The Game Also includes multi player options. This allows the player to play head to head against another PSP, or hot seat on the same psp. The game plays as a timed match to see who can beat the puzzle faster. In the hot seat version, the game plays in sections of a predetermined length. Each person tries to place as many numbers as possible before the time runs out. The first person to finish the puzzle wins. The Head to Head game is for shows the same puzzle to both people and the person to complete it first wins. The Quick fire game is similar to the Hot Seat game except instead of competing to complete the puzzle, it’s until half of the puzzle is solved.

The Single Player game is split between Classic, Arcade, and Competition. The classic is just a random game of a given skill level. Where it’s just playing until it’s complete with a timer to keep track of how long it takes. If the player has any trouble Carol can give you advice and hints on how to play.

The Arcade games are timed games where time is added or subtracted based on rules. These games encourage speed and accuracy. The Beat the clock is a simple competition to finish the game in a set amount of time. The Extra Time game starts with a little time, and then you get more time as the game is solved. The object is to complete the puzzle without running out of time.

The Perfection and three strikes are both games based on not making any mistakes. Perfection loses times for each mistake making the game harder to complete. The three strikes version only allows you three wrong answers before you lose.

Overall I give this game an 8 out of 10. It’s a good adaptation of Sudoku for the PSP. Leveraging the Power and multimedia abilities of the PSP to show video’s of Carol. The game has many ways to change the game to make it more than the simple game in the paper.

The multi player aspects are a nice addition making the normally solo game more group friendly. I’d say it’s a fun game to pickup for the PSP if you like Sudoku games. If you have never played Sudoku before, get it and learn what your missing.

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