Timex–well known for their time pieces–has released an alarm clock radio compatible with an iPod: the Ti700.

The Timex Ti700 comes with, unlike many other iPod alarm clocks, a remote control. The remote lets you to turn the system on or off, play or pause the iPod, change songs on the iPod and adjust the volume. It also features a button for the three radio presets, a Indiglo controls and the ever-popular snooze control. You cannot, however, change between the different artists or albums on your iPod using the remote.

Also included in the box are separate docks for the different sizes of iPods.

The right side of the Ti700 features buttons to adjust the volume. There is also a sleep button which allows you to set a designated time for the Ti700 to shut off.

On the back of the unit, there is a switch that allows you to pick how you would like to wake up: via the iPod/buzzer or the radio. There is also a button to change the time zone, and one to adjust the clock time. The Ti700 features a button to adjust to Daylight Savings Time. There is also a line-in jack for MP3/CD players.

On top is a dual alarm system which allows separate wake up times. There are nine programmable pre-sets, three for each–AM, FM1 and FM2.

The unit also features battery backup, which can prove vital.

The Ti700 charges the iPod while it’s plugged in. However, when the iPod is docked, the light does not automatically turn on; you would have to go to the backlight feature on the iPod. The unit, itself, has a variety of dimming controls, however.

The Timex Ti700 is one of the niftier iPod clock radios out there, and it goes for $49.99.

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