Just as your 10:00 news broadcast will sometimes show video of monkeys throwing poo or otherwise pointless filler video clips that offer no news, breaking or otherwise, so too is Blast Magazine a sucker for Legos and shiny things.

More than 24 million Lego pieces were used to recreate Las Vegas for Legoland California, which includes a 20-foot Stratosphere and working monorail.

This model of the strip is the product of three years worth of planning and building–Miniland Las Vegas is the largest addition of its type at the Carlsbad theme park.

“Miniland is the heart of Legoland California where kids and their families can see all that can be created with LEGO elements. As a visually stunning United States landmark, Las Vegas is a shining example of creativity and imagination,” said President and General Manager John Jakobsen. “Las Vegas is recognizable around the world and we are excited to give our family visitors the chance to experience the city in a kid-friendly environment.”

Miniland is all about the kids, with over $14,000 raised for children’s charity, Foundation for Positively Kids.

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