There are few games out there that you will enjoy so much that you will despise having to stop playing to take care of other responsibilities; like food, sleep, feeding your dog.

But even rarer then that, are games that you have so much fun with, you spend every second that you are not playing it, thinking about when you will be able to play it again. God of War was one of those games and God of War II is just as guilty.

God of War II’s story continues right where the original left off.

If you have not played the original, go get both games, because here is a sequel that avoids the "trying so hard to be better than the original but fails in everything" that plagues so many sequels to great games, ruing their franchises.

Mere words cannot express fully how much enjoying this game is. The first GoW proved Sony had mastered the Play Station 2 to its full potential with visuals, controls, movies, music, story and scarce load times.

GoW II does not try to change the formula that made the first game great in any way.

In a word, God of War II is nonstop. The moment you start a new game, from the title menu, the game throws you into the action. Enemies are plentiful and coming for you. And in right there in the background is another enemy 20 times your size looking at you, waiting for its chance. Impending climatic battle already awaits you within the first minute of the game.

The battles only get better and more demanding. When popping in the game for the first time, I kept telling myself, "let’s just keep playing until the next save point. I just want to see where this game goes next."

Seven hours later…

Nonstop action that flows seamlessly back and forth with movie cut scenes equals full immersion.

The controls are solid and expanded from the original. There are plenty of options to choose from when pummeling your enemies.

I found myself killing every enemy I could possibly find because it was so much fun.

Each enemy type has a set of unique death visuals, so the game never gets repetitive.

There are only two real characters in this game, Kratos (the main character) and anyone not Kratos (enemies), giving lots of endless fun for all.

The only downside is that the game is shorter than the original. However, there’s tons of unlockable content that gives the game a high replay value. Plus with the announcement of God of War III, blood thirst is rising.

God of War II is an amazing addition to the still viable Playstation 2 platform.

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