Annabelle Gurwitch got fired by Woody Allen.

She realized that getting fired and canned was more common than she thought when she started talking with friends about her unfortunate and humiliating experience,

Gurwitch, most recognized for co-hosting Dinner and a Movie on TBS, is also a contributing writer for “Day to Day” on NPR, and appeared in the film, The Shaggy Dog, among many other appearances on TV and the big screen. She recently added a brisk dismissal from Woody Allen’s much anticipated off-Broadway play to her repertoire.

To make herself feel better, Gurwitch set off to find other stories of getting fired. The compilation of stories was turned into a play and a book. Since both were such a hit, there were more shows added to the schedule, and the idea of the documentary, Fired!, was born.

The comedy, written and produced by Gurwitch, herself, features interviews with her celebrity friends, her gynecologist, rabbis, various CEOs’, as well as the average person’s tales of getting the boot.

The independently produced film includes the interviews and stories of celebrities such as Tim Allen, Sarah Silverman, Fred Willard, Ben Stein, Illeana Douglas, Andy Dick, Paul F. Tompkins, Tate Donovan, Judy Gold, former White House Chef Walter Scheib and more, as they all tell their experiences about getting fired.

The film offers an interesting perspective on jobs. If you have ever been fired or if you’re interested in soaking up tales of how celebrities probably get fired more times than you have been, than this flick is for you.

Overall, Fired! is an entertaining look at real life that’s smartly done.

Fired! is a Shout! Factory production, which premiered on Showtime Network March 29. To contribute your story to Gurwitch, click here.

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