This hot third person shoot’em up game is fully loaded; not just with great game play and military grade weaponry, but with many different modes of playing. Play alone in Arcade and/or Story Modes, or multiply the potential with friends wirelessly in Fiesta Mode.

After the assassination of Ramiro Cruz’s father, this action packed strategic combat game sets the stage in a Mexican ganja field to seek revenge. Knock down the drug cartel while challenging players with combat missions.

The stop time animation a.k.a. “Shootdodge” feature adds an element of creativity, allowing Ramiro to build strategic battle attacks. Meanwhile, taking this advantage up walls and over bundles of ‘Joe’s Sinsemilla’ is intriguing and fun at first, hooking the player while making the game more enjoyable.

Bringing back memories to the days of Zelda for NES, the loot gained from slaying the gringos disappears if not reached in time. This helps to add more opportunity for creative strategies in battle. Maneuvers can be stacked for combo attacks.

Taking elements from many games before its time, this game packs a good punch. Fiesta Mode allows wireless multiplayer game play for unlimited excitement.


Slick, stop time animations make the game much more fun to play. The bright 3D world adds a stunning backdrop to the great game play.


PSP audio…nothing to gloat about here.

Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Deadline Games
Genre: Third-Person Shooter, Strategy
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

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