You’ve seen the movie, now play the game.

Nacho Libre for the Nintendo DS is a standard movie-to-game conversion. It has three sections in the single player mode. You start at a world map, where you can select areas on the screen to which you can move. It allows you to move to any area on the screen, but you can’t enter an area until it’s open. There’s a circle with an icon on the next point in the story line, showing you where you should be going. When the character enters an area, they’ll either go to a wrestling match, or a mini game. The mini games range from moving the stylus to mimic walking, and avoiding cows by moving your bike along a dirt road.

In the wrestling matches, the keys let you hit, kick or a grab for the generic moves; or the player can press a combination of keys to preform a special move. As Nacho beats more opponents, he learns more special moves. They are then displayed on the screen showing how to preform them.

Overall, the game suffers from the same problems most movie-to-game translations face. The mini games feel like they were quickly thrown together, and lack the coherence and thoroughness of games designed from scratch. The wrestling component is well-executed; it has lots of special moves. Anyone that can remember lots of key pressing will enjoy the variety of the moves. Nacho Libre scores a 3 out of 5; it could have been better, but if you liked the movie-or wrestling- then you’ll probably still find it enjoyable.

Developer features:

  • Six play modes: Story Mode (single player, tied to the movie plot), Vs. Mode, Team Mode (2 vs. 2), Battle Jam (2-4 player wireless brawls), Quick Match and Championship Match (multiplayer only)
  • Wrestle in four different arenas from the movie
  • Play as 20 different luchadors based on characters from the movie. Each has his/her own wrestling moves and special attacks.
  • Take on your opponents with headlocks, grapples, holds and pin moves or create combos for devastating, and comical, results
  • Use the Touch Screen to play eight themed mini games including Nachoball, Footrace, Bee Swat, Bullrun, Cliff Climber, Chariot Jump and more
  • Unique "photo puppetry" art style lends the game a distinctive, humorous look
  • Unlock bonus material after playing through Story Mode

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