Pack up those tube socks, short shorts, waist belts and any other retro fashion paraphernalia you may have. This year, the 80s are out, and the military is in.

Picture this: you’re on a reconnaissance patrol; it’s dark. There are bright lights flashing all over and noises going off everywhere, but you’ve got your eye set on a target. You need to make a move—and fast—but you’re afraid of giving away your position. You adjust your scope and lock in on the target. Sporting carefully designed and intricately constructed sniper camouflage, otherwise known as a "Ghillie suit", you walk up to the bar and go in for the kill.

Score: now you’ve got that girl’s number.

Enter Cordarounds’ new military-flavored Ghillie coat, possibly the most ridiculous looking, yet supremely fashionable new product from the San Francisco-based clothier.

The Ghillie coat is truly the most innovative military surplus gear since combat boots and peacoats. It’s designed to handle all the obstacles of modern urban battlefields like New York and San Francisco. Modeled after the very same garb worn by snipers all over the world, Cordarounds’ version lets you play the part of an urban soldier without the risk of actually getting shot.

"It’s fantastic urban sniping attire," said Enrique Landa, cofounder of Cordarounds and self-proclaimed "Purveyor of Pants." "It’s the perfect coat for hanging out casually in an urban environment."

The coat features a thin nylon layer topped with rather intricate webbing, which is intertwined with shreads of varying green fabrics and cloth. Basically, it looks like the Swamp Thing’s upper torso, just with a hood.

At the risk of sounding like sociopath weirdoes, Landa and cofounder Chris Lindland have actually got it figured out. Since the launch of Cordarounds in January 2005, the two have released several lines of self-admitted "smart-ass clothing." It started with the basis of the company: horizontal corduroy pants, for which they were credited with the actual founding of the inverted pant style. Next, they offered a reversible smoking jacket, tailored especially to give off that Hugh Heffner vibe. And now comes the Ghillie coat: totally unpractical, but completely stylish

The best part is its quality guarantee — the coat’s been battle-tested during many nights on the town.

"I went out drinking for an entire month wearing this jacket," admitted Landa. "People went insane, the reactions were great."

Check them out online for the latest in oddball, smart-ass fashion, and to pick up your very own sniper wear for $90.

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