SDI Technologies struck gold in 2005 with the popularity of its iPod-compatible clock radio, the iHome iH5 ($99). In an attempt to expand upon its success, SDI recently introduced a new line of iPod-dockable audio systems, including the iHome iH4 ($49). This system is similar to the iH5 in that it performs the same basic functions; alarm clock and iPod player/charger.

The iH4 displays the time and can be used as a speaker system when connected to any iPod. It differs from the previous model because it is much smaller, taking up less than a quarter of the desk space its predecessor did. It is much more convenient to store on a nightstand, but the size difference trade off some features like an AM/FM radio.

The iHome iH4 is an extremely simple device to use. The buttons are all clearly labeled, and an instruction manual seems almost pointless. The on and off buttons are both located at the top of the system while the four settings buttons are located along th”oo high volume, it muffles any vocals in the music.

The iHome iH4, though not reasonable for the sole purpose of playing music, is convenient, affordable and reliable for the function of an alarm clock. It has an appealing, retro to look to it, unlike most alarm clocks.

So, if you want to charge your iPod while you sleep and wake up hours later to the sound of one of your favorite songs, perhaps the iHome iH4 is appropriate for you.

$49.99, now available.

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