It’s all about remembering things.

If you liked the game Memory as a child, you’ll love Brain Boost.

The game shows you a set of items, or just one item, and you have to pick it out of the answer screen. There are five different versions with four levels of difficulty. Each level consists of 20 questions that gradually get harder. In challenge mode, the game requires you to get a certain amount of the questions correct to complete the level, whereas an easier training mode lets you play to see how many you can get right for a high score.

The story in the game isn’t great. It seems to have been added just to tie the game together, but the designers would have been better off leaving it out like Brain Age. You are looking for memory chip for a robot. You go around challenging people to get potential memory chips from them. End of story.

The first game is Remember Colors; there are circles of different colors shown on the screen for three seconds. Then it blanks for 3 seconds, and then it shows four possible color combinations; the game uses the stylus to select the appropriate answer. This game gets harder by adding more and more circles. The second game was Remember Numbers. It’s similar to colors but instead of colors it has a long number. It shows the number, and then 4 possible answers and the player just taps on the correct answer. The third game is called Remember Circumstances. The game shows up to 12 images and then clears the screen, and shows you again the same number of images, but one is swapped with a different image, charging the player with to selecting the one that is changed. The forth game is called Remember Faces. A drawn face is shown on the screen, and then it shows four possible look a-likes; and the object is to select the one that was just shown. The fifth game is Remember Images. In this one, it shows a series of images and then, similar to the Remember Circumstances game, the player selects the different one.

Over all, this game scores a 5 out of 5. It probably gets old fast though, since all of the different games are open from the beginning, so it just gets harder without offering anything new.

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