What is the best way to learn American History? Would you say by reading books or watching an educational movie? How about a virtual stripping tutor? Is this actually possible? Well, sort of.

Naughty American History is not an actual tutoring service, but a website that poses American history questions, and when the participant answers a question correctly, the video tutor (male or female, your choice) takes off an article of clothing. The game includes eight stages which increase in difficulty. If the gorgeous tutor doesn’t pressure you enough to get the multiple choice question right, you are also working against the 10 second clock.

When you get to the website, it asks you to enter your birthday to make sure you’re at least 18. This is clearly a fool-proof method. If the participant is not 18 years of age, you’re out of luck. The questions vary between games played, but they all come out of the same pool of questions, therefore picking one tutor over another makes no difference other than personal preference.

As you answer each question correctly, the tutor takes off a specific article of clothing. But get one wrong, and you’re done. You have to restart and try again to reach the ultimate goal of seeing the Naughty American History tutor naked. After you lose, the site gives the option to click on "play again" or to enter two related porn sites, that focus on good looking females dressed as teachers.

To that effect, the game is really more or less an advertisement for a porn site, but hey, it’s fun.

Throughout the game, the song “Auld Lang Syne” blasts to remind you of New Years–for what reason it is not known.

Loading the questions can take forever when you first log onto the site. Also, there are frequent pauses in the games which may be frustrating if you are waiting to see if you got an answer correctly or not (and if you’re waiting for some clothes to come off).

Americans are always being accused of not knowing enough history. This way of teaching may get Americans to think about history more, because after answering the eight questions, there is a great reward at the end.

An example of an easy first level question is "What color is not on the American flag? Red, white, blue, or orange?"

If you get that wrong, you don’t deserve to see anyone naked in the first place.

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Samantha Lavine is the contributing editor for all things kinky for Blast Magazine

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  1. Nicole

    Well, when i click the link to open the website. This site pops up with all these girls…
    Is there a new link?

  2. JoeJoe

    Omg. It’s gone! The site that have all those girls is not it. They have removed it and replaced it with those girls site. I can’t find it anymore. If anyone knows where they have put it (a new site or whatever), please tell us. I am so missing that game. 🙁


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