The situation is all too familiar for you serial monogamists out there; it’s the eve of Valentine’s, and if you’re anything like your male counterparts, you’ve again procrastinated on what to buy for your sweetheart. Reluctantly, you venture out into the night to join the hoards of men across the country in this annual ritual.

Whether it’s desperately scanning the local card stores hoping Hallmark can provide the sentiments you wish you could express or scanning the d©colletage of female strangers because you failed to learn your sweetheart’s bra size, Valentine’s Day becomes a gift giving ordeal for even the smartest men.

Before you place 1-800-FLOWERS on speed dial, look no further than Thai Bodywork and Chuck Duff for a fresh, novel technique in massage therapy that is sure to score even the biggest procrastinator major points. Whether you’re aiming to provide your sweetheart a low key, romantic evening in or an unforgettable rendezvous, these ancient techniques from Buddist and Indian cultures combine pressure point massage and well-known yoga techniques while focusing on constant contact and maintaining rhythmic compressions on the partner’s body.

The masseur focuses on sensual, gentle pressure using fingertips, palms, elbows and feet to provide a continual relaxing massage that is a great alternative to the traditional prone position. The constant eye contact provides a level of intimacy missing from western massage. Thai Massage encourages flexibility, tranquility and well as relaxation for both parties. Thai massage is a great alternative to traditional methods most couples reluctantly adopt. The "Flow Technique" is especially sensual part of Thai massage and consists of ginger, soft movements across the entirety of a partners body using only the fingertips. Tai Massage techniques are available online as well at all major bookstores for more in depth descriptions and photographs of the major techniques.

This Valentine’s save your dignity, your gift-giving angst and your bank account while you look to Buddha for the way to put the sparkle back in your partner’s eye.

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