As Valentine’s Day stirs feelings of love and lust, give the object of your affection a gift they’ll never forget. The Sexy Gift of the Month Club provides an innovative way to surprise your special someone and bring spice into your relationship.

Blush Group LLC, provides its customers with ‘the art of sensual living’. Is this group the sponsor of the gift club or what? Creator Miller Canning’s idea was to design products that make her customers feel good. In addition to selling sex-related items, she offers gifts like sweet smelling soaps, bubble baths and an urban strip aerobics DVD led by a fitness expert.

“Our company tries to stay away from novelty items and focus on helping women and couples find quality products to enhance their sex lives,” said Canning.

Blush’s gift clubs are its signature items and have become the pillar of its success. Blush’s initial club, The Dirty Book Club, provides customers with a new, erotic book each month. While The Dirty Book Club satisfies customers’ reading pleasures, The Sexy Gift of the Month Club, provides customers with a sexy surprise to look forward to.

Imagine receiving a present every month that delights one of the five senses. Blush offers four, different packages of sexy gifts to bring excitement into the bedroom. Choose from the "Mood Setter" ($35.00), "Romantic Surprises" ($40.00), "Erotic Adventures" ($50.00), or "Premium" ($115.00). After starting the club in December 2005, the club has earned fans.

"I think the club appeals to anyone who wants to explore their sexuality, but is nervousabout going into a public store where they can be seen," said Canning. "Also, I think people who view sex as play and sensuality as something that is on the inside aremore apt to choose the club."

On the other hand, the Sexy Gift of the Month Club seeks to help customer’s become more open to their sexuality.

"It’s a great opportunity to not be responsible for pushing a partner to try something that he or she normally might not have tried. A recipient can just say, ‘hey, it’s here, so let’s try it.’ We give them the freedom to test boundaries with little embarrassment or guilt," added Canning.

With household sex toy parties on the rise and more and more people becoming interested in freely expressing their sexuality, the Sexy Gift of the Month Club provides a new outlet for eroticism.

"Typically people order 3-6 months, but we love the folks who re willing to try new products for a year. I think you get more variety and many more options to explore," said Canning. Best sellers include the "Original Rabbit Pearl," ($78.00) "Lily," ($134.00) "Accuvibe," ($68.00) as well as "O’My Natural Lubricant" ($16.50/$26.50) and a striptease dance DVD, "Strip To It" ($24.00).

"When I watch an Oprah show that is covering sexuality I listen to her audience and see how well our products map to their needs," said Canning.

The Sexy Gift Club of the Month aspires to make every day feel like Valentine’s Day and every relationship feel exciting and sensual.

"Imagine a surprise once a month that reminds you to slow down…or speed up," said Canning.

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