"Running with Scissors," is based on the true story of author Augusten Burroughs. In 1971, 6-year-old Burroughs had to deal with the hostile divorce of his alcoholic father (Alec Baldwin) and bipolar mother (Annette Bening), all the while growing up and trying to find himself.

A few years later, his mother sends him to live with their newly hired, unconventional therapist and his equally wacky family. These dramatic and wickedly funny personal memoirs, staring Joseph Cross, as Burroughs, set the stage for the Ryan Murphy film.

The therapist, Dr. Finch, played by Brian Cox, has two daughters and a wife, who also take the Burroughs under their wing. Hope is the "Bible dipping," high strung older daughter (Gwyneth Paltrow). Younger daughter and rebel Natalie, (Evan Rachel Wood) is the closest in age to Burroughs. The wife, Agnes Finch, (Jill Clayburgh) seems shy and used. They also have a 35-year-old adopted son, Neil Bookman, who once lived in a shed behind the house. He helps Burroughs find himself by exploring a new sexual side.

Though life is hellish for this family, Burroughs finds humor and slight optimism with his surrogates. All the while, he maintains his love for, but grows gradually more distant from his real parents. He finds an outlet by keeping a journal, which helps him cope with each situation that life brings him.

Alec Baldwin played Burroughs’ father well, and Joseph Fiennes performed admirably as the adopted son, Neil Bookman. Annette Bening was nominated for a Golden Globe for Actress in Musical or Comedy for her role as Burroughs’ emotionally troubled mother.

The "Running with Scissors" DVD includes features such as an "Inside Outsiders" cast feature, a personal memoir by Augusten Burroughs, "Creating the Cucko’s Nest" set design documentary and subtitles in seven languages. DVD audio is in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, but Blu-Ray features just English and French. The features included in the DVD are the same as in the Blu-Ray Disc version, but the Blu-Ray is presented in 1080p high definition with uncompressed digital audio.

Made in 2006, the film is approximately 120 minuets long and rated R for language, sexuality, violence and substance abuse. "Running with Scissors" was produced by Dede Gardner, Brad Grey, Matt Kennedy, Ryan Murphy and Brad Pitt. Writer, director and producer, Ryan Murphy, also directed and produced episodes of "Nip/Tuck" featured on FX.

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