Attention MySpacers, your photographic savior has arrived.

With Fromm Works Inc.’s new Quik Pod, taking photos of yourself has never been easier. The Quik Pod is just seven and a half inches when retracted and extends to almost 19 inches long. It is advertised as an extendable hand-held tripod.

The purpose of this product is to allow you to photograph yourself without being accompanied by a common intruder known as a forearm.

Visit any of today’s MySpace profiles, and you’ll see not only hundreds of faces but almost just as many forearms running down the corners of photos. Why? Because the girl making silly faces at her camera doesn’t want another human being in the room while she tries to discover the perfect pose for her newest profile pic.

But who will take the photo? Back in the day, she would have reach out as far as possible and hold the camera in reverse, all while trying to get the right framing and more importantly, the right face. Enter the Quik Pod: the answer to many failed attempts at trying to hide your extended arm from view.

Although not strong enough to support larger cameras and camcorders, the "extendable hand-held tripod" can easily support smaller point-and-shoot cameras. A reflective piece called the "self-image mirror" allows you to frame both you and your buddy in the same photo without having to redo the shot several times using the guess-and-check method. It isn’t foolproof, mind you, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

Of course, the entire system is dependent on whether or not your camera has a timer. You’re going to need at least a couple seconds between pushing the shutter button and framing your shot while holding the camera nearly three feet away. There is an accessory for the Quik Pod called "adapter legs" which allow the Quick Pod to freely stand on its own miniature tripod.

Overall, the device does what it is advertised to do. However, how practical is the concept of carrying around a seven and a half inch extendable pole? Picture yourself walking around Rome with a Quik Pod hanging from your belt or taking up space in your purse, only to be used for the occasional task of taking a picture of yourself. Finally, the deal breaker for most will surely be the surprising price of such a simple device. Although an array of accessories are included, such as a carrying case and a belt clip, at the cost of $24.95, the Quik Pod seems to loose a little of its simplicity. For $29.95 you get the Quik Pod Pro version, which includes the "adapter legs" accessory, but if you purchase the legs separately, they cost $12.

Meanwhile, a regular tripod standing at five feet tall can purchased at around $20.

It’s a fun device, but the Quik Pod is less than practical and overpriced. Sure, my arm will still be in the pictures I take of myself, but at least it’s free.

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