Everybody hates Valentine’s Day.

But here at Blast, we use it as an excuse to talk about sex and relationships.

What’s the deal with make-up sex anyway?

This month, we decided to look at romance issues that are often discussed but seldom analyzed. In this month’s feature photo gallery/article, our cover couple, Cat Armato and Sean Naegeli, get angry, make up, laugh, cry and otherwise get emotional as we try to figure out a few aspects of the modern relationship.

Tara Lira makes her Blast debut this month, as she screens a how-to massage DVD and provides a few sensual pointers of her own.

We also threw in a mouthwatering gallery of chocolate and desserts, just to make our coverage of V-day well-rounded.

On the absolute flipside of all things red, we also have a huge technology lineup for you in February. Coming later in the month, our Tech Editor, Tom Cody, looks at the growing popularity of old video games in this month’s Retro feature.

We’ll also throw in reviews of Destroy All Humans 2, Sopranos: Road to Respect, Totally Spies 2 and Arthur and the Invisibles. A few gadgets and tidbits round out the section.

Dan Peleschuk talked to celebrity tattoo artist, Mario Barth, recently. He shows you the world of tattoo culture in a great feature.

Before Paris Hilton, there was Edie Sedgwick. Rounding out the magazine this month, Karen Lynch tells the story of a "celebutante" who lived fast and is an accidental fashion, culture and film icon.

January was a big month for our little magazine, as we launched the first Internet presence that is designed to look and feel like a real, cover-to-cover, magazine. The team looks forward to February with great anticipation. We’re unleashing video content, both original and pre-made. I’m particularly proud of the 10-minute behind-the-scenes piece we produced, showing you how we set up and executed the photo shoot for this month’s issue.

The goal is to give you an inside look at the anatomy of Blast Magazine, and more of this will be coming soon as we evolve and sculpt the magazine into the desired product. (Translation: as we beat the ever living shit out of this thing until it obeys out of fear.)

Enjoy Blast, issue deux.

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