Michael Wilmington of the Los Angeles Times may have put it best: “As sports movies go, ‘Gridiron Gang’ isn’t bad, just not top-line material.”

“Gridiron Gang” is one of The Rock’s better movie performances, but it never quite found love in theaters. Now, Columbia Pictures is hoping to garner up a little something for the film with a Blu-Ray release.

On Blu-Ray, viewers can max out their HDTV’s with 1080p resolution, which is as good as it gets in the mainstream home movie world. Audiophiles will enjoy uncompressed digital audio, and that’s the main reason why you might consider purchasing this movie. If you’re among the growing consortium of HD consumers, a football nut and perhaps one of The Rock’s people, you may also enjoy some of the Blu-Ray release’s special features including: writer and director commentary, deleted scenes, a football training feature, a profile of director Phil Joanou, a feature called “The Rock Takes the Field,” and a multi-angled football scene to give a fresh perspective.

The disc goes for $27.99 new right now, but can probably be obtained for under $20 online.

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