Destroy All Humans! 2 is an action/adventure game continuing the story of Crypto, an alien badass sent to Earth to harvest human DNA. After having conquered America in the 1950s, Crypto is once again thrust back into the action. This time around, it’s the 60s and Crypto faces a new rival, the USSR. While the story is clearly not the game’s strong point, it sets up the era which is what this game is all about. Lacking in all other categories, Destroy All Humans! 2 tries to continue its signature humor by poking fun at everything from hippies to ninjas. However, the success of the first game does not continue as the jokes fall flat and the atmosphere never lives up to its predecessor.

The gameplay is nothing new to those who played the original. Crypto is outfitted with an arsenal of alien weaponry that includes blasters, lasers, and a flying saucer for certain missions. Psychic powers are also at your disposal, allowing Crypto to control minds and lift large objects with telekinesis. Over the course of the single player campaign these items can be upgraded allowing you to destroy even more humans. However, none of these aspects take away from the fact that this game is just very bland. You choose missions from an open area similar to Grand Theft Auto, but none of these missions are particularly interesting and the ease of difficulty does not help the repetitive objectives.

Technically speaking, Destroy All Humans! 2 is no large improvement from the first game. Weapon effects and explosions are nice but the textures of the environment and pedestrian character models can really disappoint. Although, on a positive note, the level design really emphasizes the particular spoof of each zone. The sound is a bigger star than the graphics as the game’s voice acting is probably the best reason to play it all the way through. Crypto, sounding like a moody Jack Nicholson, is constantly spewing cynical cracks about his victims. This is topped by the insubordinate banter between Crypto and his holographic commanding officer. All of the conversations with smaller side characters are far less enjoyable and can really get tedious when the game tries to force bad jokes.

The real reason why this game falls so short is its inability to deliver the kind of humor and charm that its predecessor used to overshadow shallow gameplay. Destroy All Humans! 2 is just the same lame action as the original without the humorous crutch. The 60s are simply not as funny as this game tries to portray them. Crypto is the only charming part of the whole experience because he is an outsider to the over the top caricature 60s theme. This game is not worth sticker price but maybe a rental if you hold nostalgia for the original. With childishly easy action and just lame taste, this game won’t amuse you unless you’re still repeating lines from Austin Powers.

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