Cue the video game. Arthur and The Invisibles, based on the self-proclaimed theatrical opus of Luc Besson, has come to the console.

The story is based on 10-year-old Arthur, who is trying to save his grandmother’s house from the bulldozer. You control the young Brit and his gang of siblings, Selenia and Betameche.

Think troll dolls meets Harry Potter meets Atari.

Each character brings something to then table to guide you through the game and battle sequences. Selenia will prove useful swinging a blade and getting the team through obstacles. Betamecha (troll doll) uses his low profile to his advantage. The game will follow movie plot and keep you on an adventurous course for most of it, but the action is steady enough to keep your trigger finger amused.

Don’t expect a whole lot of innovation or breakthrough gameplay here. This is a movie game, and it does its job quite well with excellent graphics and sound and a story that’s good enough to pay homage to fans of the European movie.The game is not overly difficult, but still hard enough to keep you interested. It’s also long enough to satisfy, but that’s not really a factor because you can skip through parts of the game if you want, a feature the designers must have figured played to the attention spans of young gamers.

Overall, I’m satisfied with Arthur and the Invisibles. It doesn’t try to go beyond the scope of its intentions and plays true to its roots.

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