Five tech tools you need during the 2014 FIFA World Cup 0

With the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup making its way onto our screens next week, the well-prepared soccer geek has already purchased the latest apps, gadgets and audio devices to keep abreast of the events. If you fall into the unprepared category however, take a look at these five techy pieces to keep you hooked in to your favorite teams throughout the tournament.

Sports Book Review

If you’re going to deck out your iPhone with any app at all, make sure you get this one. The mobile site has been adapted for smartphones and features the latest betting odds on a number of sports, including World Cup odds, along with up-to-date news and expert views. If you’re looking to put your money where your mouth is but want to win the most bang for your buck these mobile tools are helpful at the Sports Book Review website; they will let you keep track of all the teams and odds.

Brazil World Cup 2014 Lucky Speaker

Those looking to hear those all important scores loud and proud will love these novelty speakers from Qdos. The portable device is completely wireless and works with all Bluetooth devices including iPhones, iPads, laptops and all other major smartphone and tablet brands. It can be fixed to your device using its suction base or from any flat surface up to ten meters away, and the best news is that it’s completely waterproof – perfect if you get through a few beers.

Panini Collectors App

While sticker albums are still one of the oldest and most successful pieces of World Cup merchandise out there, the Panini Collectors App has brought sticker lovers into the 21st century with an app version of the popular pastime. Available on the App Store and Android, this clever app allows you to scan paper sticker books with your smartphone to check which stickers you’re missing, without the fuss of needless sheets of paper.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Those who can’t get away from the soccer can play it 24-7 with 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Available on Xbox 360 and PS3, the game features a whole new host of fun tricks including ‘Road to Rio De Janeiro’ online tournaments and ‘Captain Your Country’, giving you the chance to play as any one international team to make it all the way through to the final game.

FIFA Widgets

World Cup bloggers can’t be without FIFA’s official widgets, adding official up-to-date information to your website from FIFA/Coca Cola rankings to countdowns to the big event and world league tables. Web developers can choose their favorite teams to follow and brighten up their web page or blog with FIFA’s official photos.

While you are at it, downloading some real money sports betting apps makes it much easier to put some money on the game, even while you are on the go. Sports betting apps allows you to place wagers in real time without having to rush home to use the computer. These apps are completely safe to use, as they feature high-level security protocols that will keep your information private. In addition, these applications offer all of the same features that are available through your desktop computer, so you do not have to sacrifice the quality of your betting experience while betting through your phone.