Being welcomed to the Night vale

Being welcomed to the Night vale 0

NEW YORK — It was strange – Welcome to Night Vale was nonexistent one day and then was nearly everywhere on the internet the very next morning. It wasn’t a slow spread through word-of mouth. Instead, it seemed to be the effect when you spill a glass of milk, and suddenly it’s everywhere, dripping down(…)

WFNX is dead

WFNX is dead 3

Phoenix sells alternative station to Clear Channel, which will shut it down

WEEI will simulcast on FM — Mike FM goes bye bye 0

After a drop in listenership partly due to weak AM signal, WEEI The Sports Hub (850 AM) will begin simulcasting on WMKK (93.7 FM), wiping out the existing pop rock station on that channel. The Boston Globe reports that Entercom, WEEI’s parent company, will announce WEEI’s switch to the station best known as Mike FM.(…)

Here’s sand in your ears

Here’s sand in your ears 1

The Sandbox on WFNX: How three Virginia goofballs shook up Boston’s drive-time radio market

Is a Snoop antenna any good? 2

The police scanner is still one of the most versatile tools in the journalist’s arsenal, sometimes right up there with the No. 8030 Gregg Ruled spiral reporter’s notebook and a pencil (pens are unreliable when it’s -10 degrees or if its raining). Spot news photographers are famous for their scanners. I once rode along with(…)

Logitech Squeezebox Boom

Logitech Squeezebox Boom 0

One of the funnest things about the Logitech Squeezebox Boom is listening to Radio One London from an apartment in Boston.

Meridian F80

Meridian F80 0

It’s bloody costly, but if you absolutely have to have the best stereo/radio/alarm clock, drop your chips here.

Cambridge SoundWorks SW820 HD Radio

Cambridge SoundWorks SW820 HD Radio 0

Like it or not, HD Radio sounds good, and for the $100 you’ll spend on Amazon for this baby, Cambridge SoundWorks makes their case.

Dayna Steele rocks business 0

Are you in a band? Do you want to succeed in the business world? Did you ever wonder what brings success? If you answered yes to any of these questions, let Dayna Steele give you the answers. The 90’s radio personality better known as the First Lady of Radio, worked with iconic bands, married an(…)

Howard Dean’s radio address

Howard Dean’s radio address 0

Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, gave the Democratic radio address to the nation this week. He used it to come out strongly against Senator John McCain, the presumed Republican presidential candidate. “Citing Senator John McCain’s belief that the country is better off, when more than a quarter of a million jobs have(…)

iHome’s new hotness

iHome’s new hotness 2

iHome is releasing two beautiful new iPod-compatible audio systems. One is small and loud, and the other’s got Bluetooth. […]

Cobra creates first Bluetooth CB radio 14

Cobra Electronics will debut the first ever Bluetooth-compatible CB radio at the 2008 Mid-America Trucking Show March 27 through 29 in Louisville. The patent pending 29 LTD BT is the first-ever CB radio is aimed at making communication easier and safer on the road by bringing your cell phone calls wirelessly into the CB unit.(…)

German-engineered, uh, cube coming 0

High-end (they say “distinctive”) audio manufacturer Sonoro is storming into the American market with the release of the “cubo” line. The product will come in two flavors — “cubo elements” and “cubo fusion.” The elements model comes with Internet radio that allows users to choose from 10,000 radio stations. There is also an AM/FM version(…)