German-engineered, uh, cube coming 0

High-end (they say “distinctive”) audio manufacturer Sonoro is storming into the American market with the release of the “cubo” line. The product will come in two flavors — “cubo elements” and “cubo fusion.” The elements model comes with Internet radio that allows users to choose from 10,000 radio stations. There is also an AM/FM version(…)

4D Web 2.0 pack 11

4D Web 2.0 pack 11 1

4D released a revision, which offers users a new set of Internet tools while providing user-friendliness and better functionally. Essentially 4D’s Web 2.0 Pack v11 is an online Internet application, which allows business users access to use a simple drag and drop interface, essential to perform a variety of tasks like: the ability to create(…)

Creative launches upconverting iPod dock 0

Creative announced Monday the new Xdock HD, which will upconvert iPod-resolution video to 720p or 1080i and upconverts music to their X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity technology. The Xdock HD can also play video on an HDTV in DTS surround sound. It will work with the iPod Touch, Classic, new Nano and previous generation iPod’s asa well.(…)

iSkin Cerulean wireless audio products

iSkin Cerulean wireless audio products 0

iSkin’s Cerulean line of products is a handy collection of Bluetooth accessories and earbuds for iPod’s, laptops and other audio devices that let’s you go cordless. They work with laptops, iPods and mobile phones for hands-free calls. They come in a wide variety of packages and configurations. In a nutshell, there are three main Bluetooth(…)

Peggle lands on iPod/iTunes 0

One of the most successful casual games ever has been released for iPods via direct download from iTunes for $4.99. […]

IOGEAR’s Bluetooth Audio Transport 0

The Bluetooth Audio Transport is an all-in-one earbud wireless audio product that works with cell phones, stereos, iPods and any other audio source you can think of. Though there are some considerations to make — this isn’t a good idea for an iPod or another portable MP3 device. The way the Audio Transport works is(…)

iHome iH85B Cycler – Music to pedal to 0

iHome’s new iH85B takes the earbuds out of your ear — and that’s one less distraction when you’re riding a bike. With all the bad press plastic bottles are getting lately, the iH85B, designed with a bike mounting bracket is a great replacement. It takes four AA batteries or an AC adapter for home listening.(…)

16gb iPod Touch reviewed

16gb iPod Touch reviewed 0

After months of what seemed like torture following the release of the iPhone — and listening to consumers, technology experts, news anchors and my peers bragging about it — I must admit that I was tempted buy one. But I had to weigh a huge termination fee on my existing wireless plan in addition to(…)

iHome iH7R iPod alarm clock 0

iHome has just come out with another upgrade to the everyday alarm clock. Compatible with all versions of the iPod, except for the new versions of the iPod Shuffle, the iH7R makes waking up and falling asleep smoother than ever. The volume of the alarm and sleep settings increase and decrease smoothly with gradual wake(…)

iHome iH4 iPod alarm clock 0

SDI Technologies struck gold in 2005 with the popularity of its iPod-compatible clock radio, the iHome iH5 ($99). In an attempt to expand upon its success, SDI recently introduced a new line of iPod-dockable audio systems, including the iHome iH4 ($49). This system is similar to the iH5 in that it performs the same basic(…)

MyVu for iPod 0

Initial Impressions: The glasses seem strange at first, since they only block a center strip of your eyes, and they have tinted glass on either sides of the screen. This does allow you to see around you when the glasses are on. It seems a little disconcerting at first, seeing the world around you, yet(…)

Invisible Shield 1

I saw Shield Zone’s Invisible Shield at Mac World in Boston, and obtained the iPod Nano version, with a cut out for the scroll wheel. It’s basically three pieces of plastic, the front cover, back, and a little circle for the center of the wheel. It is shipped with a vial of applicator solution, and(…)