Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus 0

Logitech’s portable Pure-Fi Express Plus provides a solid and functional solution for playing your music and podcasts. It is portable and can run off batteries or AC power, but that doesn’t mean you should drag it to the beach. The cloth grille and rotating knob don’t feel like they’d stack up too well against millions(…)

iTunes sucks. There I said it. 39

There are two pieces of software out there that are more greedy and bloated than Apple’s music-playing, music-downloading title: AOL Instant Messenger and Microsoft Internet Explorer. I hate iTunes. I’m sick and tired of Apple getting a pass on quality control just because they gave us the Holy Roman iPod Empire and, by a roll(…)

Macworld 2009: Big changes for iTunes 0

With its customary flair for sexing up the art of gizmo glorification, Macworld 2009 didn’t disappoint with some big reveals today. Topping all the charts was Apple’s latest update to its iLife suite, touting major retrofits of iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. The changes range from a better system for organizing photos in iPhoto to more(…)

Marantz SA8003

Marantz SA8003 2

The music coming out of your iPod doesn’t sound as good as it would coming from a CD. Period. […]

Some OtterBoxes

Some OtterBoxes 0

They add weight, width and bulk to your devices, but they are one of the best solutions out there for active gadget geeks. The few and the proud.

Hands on with the iHome iP47 0

Unknowingly, we broke the story of the iP47 back in March. It’s a taller, narrower iHome clock/radio/iPod dock. Only this time, it has Bluetooth on board. This allows you you to make wireless speakerphone calls from your iPhone, cell phone, PDA, etc., right from your alarm clock. It also lets you beam your music from(…)

Wanna go diving with your iPod? Of course you do. 1

The new iDive waterproof iPod case and speakers claim to give users the ability to listen to their podcasts, videos, music and movies up to 300 feet underwater. “Three years ago we introduced the world’s first waterproof housing and speakers developed for scuba diving, the DV-i700. Even though the number of supported mp3 players was(…)

Charge your iPod with Vodka?

Charge your iPod with Vodka? 2

A Chinese company is releasing a product that you might not be able to show off at the fifth grade science fair this year. The Horizon Fuel Cell Bio Energy Discovery Kit is a simple enough product. It allows you to put water and alcohol in solution — like, say, diluted vodka — to create(…)

An iPod blimp: The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin

An iPod blimp: The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin 0

It’s heavy and shiny and costs as much as a high-end home audio center channel, but the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin will do things to your iPod audio that you weren’t sure she was capable of.

iPod lamps 0

Home lighting designer, Checkolite International, is teaming with iHome to launch a series of iPod lamps that will charge and play your tunes while hoping to light up your world. This new line of iPod lamps promises to hold all dockable iPods including 30-60GB, nano and mini. Each lamp is a bright halogen, and depending(…)

Tinbot iPod cases

Tinbot iPod cases 3

When I saw the unique urban and very contemporary design of the Tinbot, and I knew I just had to try it. […]

iHome’s new hotness

iHome’s new hotness 2

iHome is releasing two beautiful new iPod-compatible audio systems. One is small and loud, and the other’s got Bluetooth. […]

GearJuice 0

IOGEAR’s GearJuice is a nifty little product that’s perfectly handy for college students, glove compartments, suitcases and laptop bags. It supplies emergency power to nearly any small, portable device, but not in that disposable, one use, drug store special kind of way. The rechargeable lithium polymer battery will fill up your cell phone’s gas tank(…)

BodyGuardz available for MacBook Air 0

The world’s thinnest little laptop is getting a little protection. NLU Products, the developer of scratch-proof, transparent skins for mobile devices, announced tuesday that BodyGuardz clear film covers are now available for the MacBook Air. The BodyGuardz clear film offers protection from scratches and outside elements. We first encountered these types of products in our(…)

$49 shuffle! 0

Apple announced Tuesday that the iPod shuffle will now cost $49 with a new 2GB model going for $69. This is a big development for “the world’s most wearable music player” which weighs just half an ounce. “At just $49, the iPod shuffle is the most affordable iPod ever,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president(…)

New iPhone and iPod touch models! 0

Apple announced Tuesday that they are adding new models of the iPhone and iPod touch with double the storage capacity. The iPod touch now comes in a 32GB model for $499, joining the 16GB model for $399 and the 8GB model for $299. “For some users, there’s never enough memory,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice(…)

A 21st century boombox, Altec Lansing iM9

A 21st century boombox, Altec Lansing iM9 0

An 80s child, I grew up during the last days of cassette tapes (the term mix-tape had to come from somewhere, it’s not just the CD you burned from your iTunes downloads). With cassette tapes, we had boomboxes. They came in all shapes and sizes, and depending on the age, they were very, very analog.(…)

iPort FS-2 iPod Docking System 0

The iPort FS-2 is a multipurpose docking system compatible with all 30 pin dock connecting iPods. The purpose of the product is to let you plug your iPod into both a stereo/home theater system and a computer in one fell swoop. Now, it adds a decent amount of wires to your system, and I felt(…)