Infographic: Baseball players make more money than just about everyone

Infographic: Baseball players make more money than just about everyone 2

How much income, on average, does a baseball superstar earn in the US? For starters, baseball belongs to the top 3 sports when it comes to revenue, together with Pro football and basketball. However, the average baseball salary is $3.3 million while the average NFL player makes $1.9 million! You can find a lot more(…)

Cowboys fire Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett becomes interim head coach 0

DALLAS — After an embarrassing loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has fired head coach Wade Phillips. Multiple reports after the game (and some during the game) suggested Phillips was on his way out. Jones had said last week that Phillips would remain the coach until(…)

Upper Deck also loses NFL license 0

Months after losing its Major League Baseball, and only weeks after settling a lawsuit by MLB for allegedly illegally using its trademarks anyway, news has broken that the National Football League will not renew Upper Deck’s licensing agreement. This means no more (official) baseball or football cards from UD. Upper Deck released the following statement:(…)

K-9 units help secure Sun Life Stadium before Super Bowl 0

When you think Super Bowl, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Football, commercials, cheerleaders and beer, probably. Maybe Janet Jackson. But did you ever wonder how much it would take to ensure that all 76,500 fans that walk into Sun Life Stadium on Sunday, walk out safely? The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and(…)

Northeastern University cuts football 1

Northeastern University entered the 2003 season ranked No. 1 in the nation in what was then Division 1-AA. A few weeks into the season, the school wasn’t ranked at anymore. It’s been a steady stream downhill ever since. In an unsurprising move that’s no less depressing for students and alumni, Northeastern University is cutting its(…)

TV Notebook: 10/7/09

TV Notebook: 10/7/09 0

“Mythbusters” and “South Park” begin tonight. Wait until you see the Vikings/Packers ratings.