10 Less than Classic Holiday Songs

10 Less than Classic Holiday Songs 0

  Tis the season and whether you’re hard at work stringing up Christmas lights, putting holiday cards on the mantel, or just relaxing in front of the fireplace with friends and family, you’re gonna need a holiday playlist. Well, never fear, we’ve got you covered. Of course, we’ve all got our favorite classics: Rufus Wainwright’s(…)

The Top 10 Holiday Gifts You Won’t Find on

The Top 10 Holiday Gifts You Won’t Find on 0

It’ s Christmas time again! Time for more mass-produced toys, clothing that all looks the same, and just plain generic gifts. But wait! This year you can break away from the crowds of Christmas cattle and find your presents off the beaten path with Blast Magazine’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts You Won’t Find on…)

Tips for getting better customer service during the holidays

Tips for getting better customer service during the holidays 0

(ARA) — You’ve made your holiday list and checked it twice, but what happens when the salesperson helping you is naughty, not nice? Crowded stores, long lines, low inventory and cranky shoppers rushing to find that perfect holiday gift can often lead to a “perfect storm” of bad service. That’s why many retailers are ensuring(…)

Five easy ways to cut back on costs this holiday season 0

(ARA) – With the brisk air settling and the end of the year quickly approaching, many people are eagerly turning their focus towards holiday preparation and excitement for the wonderful things to come. From gatherings with friends and family to building a snowman in the first snowfall, traditional activities will begin anew. But one tradition(…)

EarthTalk: Hybrids? Green gifts? 0

Dear EarthTalk: I understand that Toyota is planning to sell a plug-in Prius that will greatly improve the car’s already impressive fuel efficiency.‚  Will I be able to convert my older (2006) Prius to make it a plug-in hybrid vehicle? – Albert D. Rich, Kamuela, HI Toyota is readying a limited run of a plug-in(…)

A Blast Magazine holiday 0

Here at Blast, we have a bunch of traditional, odd, and downright original holiday plans. We thought we’d share them with you. One of Blast’s great mid-year staff editions, Holly Jobbagy decided to combine video golf and teddy bears for her boyfriend. “He’s especially into golf, and since he can’t play this time of year,(…)