Barack Obama

Christian group denounces Biden, Kennedy praises him 0

In what are bound to be his top liberal validations, Senator Joe Biden, the Democratic vice presidential choice received sharp criticism from a right-wing Christian group and a nodding affirmation from Senator Ten Kennedy (D-Mass.). […]

Obama texts it 0

Well, he finally did it.

“Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee. Watch the first Obama-Biden rally live at 3pm ET on Spread the word!” the text came at 3:26 a.m. EDT. […]

Obama chooses Biden as VP 0

Barack Obama has confirmed, on his official website and through text message, that he has chosen Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his running mate for the 2008 presidential election.

The top 10 rejected “Obama VP Shortlist Candidates” 4

Time is up, Senator Obama. It’s time to text message everyone and let us know who your veep is going to be. In a rare exclusive, Blast Magazine obtained from credible sources a list of 10 candidates who were rejected as possible choices for vice president under the 2008 Democratic ticket. No, we didn’t really,(…)

D.C. media firm says Hillary is VP 17

Dianne Haskett, Executive Director of Washington Contact, is available for media interviews to discuss her treatise of eight reasons Obama is choosing Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate. […]

Obama has one more fight to win 0

Editor’s note: BLAST officially endorsed Senator Barack Obama Jan. 10 as the Democratic candidate for president. It was a tale of three speeches. On the night when the Democrats finally had their nominee, the two general election candidates — and the one just vanquished — all gave speeches laying claim to the title of Best Equipped(…)

Hillary keeps going as McCain clinches nomination 0

In the “old days” a bunch of states held their primaries this week. This year, only Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island maintained their traditional dates in yesterday’s “not-so-Super-Tuesday.” Barack Obama finished the night with one win, a disappointment to that camp as Hillary Clinton was expected by many to end her campaign if she suffered losses in(…)

Romney stays alive with Michigan win 0

Mitt Romney has won the Michigan Republican Primary. Stick with our Politics With a Touch of Class blog for details! From our Washington reporter: Rumors have it that if Romney doesn’t do well tonight, this could make or break his campaign – the man has millions so I don’t understand but coming out of Iowa(…)

Obama would lead, empower Democrafts 1

Since his arrival on the national scene in the 2004 senate race, Barack Obama has inspired thousands across the nation with his riveting speeches that has been compared to that of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy. It is not surprising that people refer to him as the Obama-rama because of(…)

Could Hillary drop out? 1

WASHINGTON — In what could become one of the most spectacular front-runner failures in presidential politics, rivaling that of Howard Dean in 2004 and Edward Muskie 1972, Hillary Clinton is now rumored to be considering whether or not to drop out of the election if she suffers a heavy loss in New Hampshire as she(…)

Bill Gates’ hilarious, fitting CES video 0

You can watch the whole CES keynote address here. Also Gizmodo has a better quality video than most. Bill Gates put together a funny, fitting farewell video starring Matthew McConaughey, Brian Williams, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jay-Z, Bono, George Clooney, Al Gore and more. In one scene, Gates cell phones Bono during a show and(…)

Obama rallies in the Granite State 0

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — A large crowd formed at 8 a.m. Friday outside of the Pan Am Hanger here in Portsmouth, where Barack Obama was scheduled to appear. […]

Hillary vs. Barack — A vote for familiarity or for hope? 0

WASHINGTON — In recent conversations, many of my Democratic friends have begun camping out for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Now, I must say, being in Washington for the past year and half has somewhat, how do you put it, numbed me to politics. Presidential campaigns began rallying their troops nearly two years before(…)

End of the night in Iowa: Obama and Huckabee come out ahead 2

Moving forward from their victory in Iowa, both Illinois Senator Barack Obama and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee face the challenge of translating their early success into momentum which will sustain their candidacies through the remainder of the primaries. […]

Get to know Carlos Watson 1

When you think of “celebrity” journalists, a thorough background in covering political campaigns or working for Fortune 500 businesses does not fit the typical profile. But for Carlos Watson, not adhering to the norm has brought amazing results. Although his face is not exactly plastered on billboards across America, his interview shows have booked big(…)

Barack and Hillary seen differently through media scope 0

So far, the media presentation of the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton candidacies has been one of opposites—the fresh newcomer versus the Washington elite; progressivism versus Democratic Leadership Council centrism; grassroots campaigning versus the biggest war chest in the game. But looking at the two Democratic frontrunners now shows how money, power and political clout(…)