“Muppets Most Wanted” movie review

“Muppets Most Wanted” movie review 3

Disney snatches up anything that isn’t bolted down, and The Muppets have belonged to “The Mouse Almighty” for a decade now. The last Muppet movie was a big success. Loved by critics and audiences, the $45-million picture grossed more than $150 million and even brought home an Oscar for best original song. Now a bit(…)


The Blast Interview: 7Lions

The Blast Interview: 7Lions 0

This past Friday, Blast’s Madeline Knutson had the opportunity to talk to Mika “Prophet” Guillory from the band 7Lions. The band is currently signed to RedOne’s label 2101 Records and is based in Southern California. There are six members of the group: Forrest Fulmer, Will Carpenter, Daniel Hange, Tony Tomassi, Morgan Taylor Reid, and Prophet(…)

An Evening with the Stars

An Evening with the Stars 0

As devoted fans, we all wait for our favorite artist to come to town, and to see them live.  However, those hour-long performances are never enough. You keep checking the clock, wishing the night would never end. Even on your way back, you keep listening the band’s songs, recalling the moments you just had. If(…)

Review: Pharrell Williams’ G I R L

Review: Pharrell Williams’ G I R L 1

Whether you’d heard of him before 2013 or not, Pharrell Williams has been around in the world of mainstream pop longer than many would realize. It’s not hard to see why he’s been flying under the radar since his first album, In My Mind. The record was almost universally received with a shrug and dismissed(…)


“Supernatural” – Meta Fiction (9.18) episode review

“Supernatural” – Meta Fiction (9.18) episode review 3

Supernatural this week was the perfect example of what sets it apart from other shows, and what, at the end of the day, makes all the sexism, stupidity, and plot repetition worth sitting through. It has a bravery and a creativity to it, and with that a lack of inhibition when it comes to going(…)

“The Mindy Project” – Think Like A Peter (2.19) episode review

“The Mindy Project” – Think Like A Peter (2.19) episode review 1

Since returning from a hiatus which seemed to go on forever, The Mindy Project has done nothing but excel in quality episodes. The storylines are good, the dialogue is clever, and the character development is strengthening. However, tonight’s episode “Think Like A Peter” left me feeling very irritated with a certain main character. Danny Castellano,(…)

“New Girl” – Big News (3.21) episode review

“New Girl” – Big News (3.21) episode review 1

When we were last with our New Girl  crew Jess and Nick had just gone through a painfully realistic break-up. They had realized, albeit abruptly, that they had nothing in common aside from how much they love each other and that could only spell disaster later down the road. So, to avoid a failing relationship(…)