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Facebook introduces URL usernames

Facebook introduces URL usernames 1

This Saturday night, just after midnight, Facebook is unleashing its new usernames, which will put your real name in the URL of your Facebook profile, putting you one step closer to solidifying your online identity. Instead of displaying a generic URL like, Facebook will instead display something along the lines of This means(…)

Give us data porn, and lots of it 7

When you’re looking for a single fact or answer to something, a straight up Google search is probably your best approach. But what if you’re more interested in, say, a set of facts? Well you have two recently launched tools to help you untangle the web of information available. Launched last month to much fanfare(…)

Bing! Microsoft’s new search engine is done 2

Of course, to “google” something has become synonymous with the mere act of searching something on the Internet, but that hasn’t stopped other companies from developing their search programs. Last week, Microsoft rebranded their search engine as the curiously titled Bing. How does it hold up? After a few matched test searches, Bing is(…)

Circuit City is the Web’s newest zombie 10

Circuit City is rising from the dead! Run for your lives before the zombie retailer eats your brains! No really. You should run far, far away. Although Circuit City won’t be returning in a physical capacity anytime soon, last month Systemax purchased the Circuit City brand and website, and they’ve since developed it into an(…)

Online archives that work 0

Archives provide endless amounts of information about virtually any topic, but who wants to sit in a stuffy library or even worse,‚  library basement, looking through record after record to find what you’re looking for. The world wide web has revolutionized they way we do things today, and that includes archiving. Now with a simple(…)

Computer-free online dating 1

In this day and age finding love has become a more-than complicated issue for some. Long work hours, an overall sense of independence amongst young people and a 24-hour technological world, are some of the causes. Because of these problems many people have turned to dating sites that, "promise results within six months," or your(…)

Zero-cost self-published “PocketBooks” empower authors 0

Authors of all genres and walks of life now have the option of harnessing the power of the electronic age — publishing their own books to computers and iPods and selling the works for free. Using software developed by Florida-based MediaClick Inc., anyone can create a “PocketBook.” This zero-cost self-publishing format groups all kinds of(…)

TrafficOne Mobile: Give yourself something nice this year 0

It’s 5:17 p.m. and the owner of the silver Audi behind you is honking his horn, along with the 13 other cars that surround you. Yep, you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic again, and you only have five minutes to get to your girlfriend’s house. The traffic excuse — true or not — will not subside(…)

A look at 0

(ARA) – The written form of language has always had a primal power to move us. From carvings in caves to alphabets on hand-stitched samplers to the word “welcome” on a doormat, we’ve historically surrounded ourselves with a certain amount of typography in our homes. Now leaders in the home decorating industry say that interest(…)