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So let’s talk about Destiny…

So let’s talk about Destiny… 0

Before you read this you should know that this is not a Destiny review; at least not in the sense you’d expect. Understand that I’m not even claiming to have come close to finishing what Destiny has to offer — and be wary of anyone who has. Instead, this is more of a commentary of(…)

The Last of Us: Left Behind review

The Last of Us: Left Behind review 0

Let’s Go to the Mall Fair warning, this review is full of spoilers for The Last of Us, the American Dreams comic and the Left Behind DLC It would be easy to not care about  the characters and events of Left Behind, the first DLC for Naughty Dog’s fantastic 2013 release The Last of Us(…)

Video Review — XCOM: Enemy Within 0

When I finished XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I couldn’t help but feel like I wanted more. Not “more” as in the game had been lacking in any particular aspect, but “more” as in I enjoyed the game so much I was hungry for more. More technology, more aliens, more weapons, more everything. Lucky for me, the(…)

Beyond: Two Souls — The Blast Review

Beyond: Two Souls — The Blast Review 1

If David Cage is an artist, his medium is the dual shock controller. The much talked about game director and lead on games like Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy (read our interview with him from E3 here) uses Sony’s controller like no one else in the world. Combined with his emotional scripts Cage is able(…)