Boing! Docomodake review

Boing! Docomodake review 0

Like puzzles? How about obscure Japanese mascots? If quirk is your thing, Boing! has got you covered.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Review

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Review 0

A sequel to the 2007 award winning, genre-defying puzzle game, Galactrix expands on the solid foundation, but how does it fare in the depths of space?

Big Bang Mini Review

Big Bang Mini Review 0

I never knew that the Big Bang was so stylish. I also never knew that there were monkeys riding Chinese dragons there either, but you learn something new everyday.

Moon review

Moon review 0

How does Renegade Kid’s graphically polished sophomore effort on the Nintendo DS hold up overall? Quite well, thank you.

Need for Speed Undercover review

Need for Speed Undercover review 0

The Need for Speed series has gone through many changes, most of which alienate one portion of the fan base or another. What did EA’s Blackbox give fans this time around?

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars is a fungal good time

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars is a fungal good time 3

The time between the end-of-year holiday rush and the new slew of first quarter releases is normally a dark one, where gamers wait for their wallets to fatten once again in order to greedily attack the next wave of fun. That’s not the case this year though, as SouthPeak games released “Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars” in December, priming it for status as a sleeper hit.