Game Announcement

Class of Heroes announced for the PSP by Atlus 0

For those console owners wondering where the RPG-mania of the last generation is this time around, look no further than the handhelds. Between the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS, there’s no shortage of RPGs, and a significant reason for that is the development and publishing work of Atlus, who today announced Class of Heroes(…)

America’s Army 3 announced for PC in 2009 0

For those of you who don’t like to pay for your first-person shooter experiences, the U.S. Army is here to help you yet again, this time with the announcement of America’s Army 3 for the PC. It looks like everything people loved about the first two entries in the series will be included, along with(…)

Atlus brings Steal Princess to North America this March 0

Atlus is a company that every DS fan should know by now, as the system has been their favorite testing ground for new ideas and IP the past few years-Trauma Center, Izuna, Etrian Odyssey, and others. That trend continues with yesterday’s announcement of “Steal Princess”, a quirky puzzle/platformer that also boasts a level creation and(…)