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Jason D’Aprile has been writing about technology, games, movies, and gadgets for the last three decades. His musings on all of the above can be found at addgamer.com. Jason only condones virtual violence and wishes we could all just get along.

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Rage review

Rage review 0

The creators of Doom and Quake are back. Is the trip to the wasteland worth it?

Dirt 3 review

Dirt 3 review 0

One of the finest and most entertaining racing games of the year

3DS review

3DS review 0

Is Nintendo’s new handheld worth the $250?

Crysis 2 review

Crysis 2 review 0

Crysis 2 is easily one of the best games of the year so far, and the best shooter on the market.

Killzone 3 review

Killzone 3 review 2

Killzone 3 works in the most important way. The gameplay is terrific, with intense, tough and thoroughly involving combat.

Dead Space 2 review

Dead Space 2 review 0

Issac Clarke returns in one of this generation’s best horror titles.

Hoard review

Hoard review 0

PSN Store becoming a great testing ground

The Ball review

The Ball review 0

The Unreal engine and an Alien ball. What can go wrong?