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Carly Erin O'Neil is a Blast staff writer, and photographer hailing from the NYC-DC Corridor, but she's a gypsy at heart.

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2013 Blast Holiday Gift Guides: Photography

2013 Blast Holiday Gift Guides: Photography 35

There are as many different types of photographers as there are grains of sand. That’s the wonderful thing about photography, especially in this digital era- it is an accessible and practical artistic voice- we NEED photography as much as we WANT photography. We also want a ton of cool gizmos to make our photographic expression(…)

Paris 0

A 24-hour dreamscene on the River Seine

Liege 0

Seeing a city that’s cut straight out of a storybook

Santiago Calatrava and his project 4

NEW YORK — A whole nation, if not the world, anxiously anticipates the day when they can visit the once melancholy location of the greatest terrorist attack in American history, and instead of reeling with the pain of loss and fear, look instead upon a place of hope and energy. Santiago Calatrava intends to give(…)

Adventures in Europe’s hot step-sister 2

LISBON, Portugal — If London and Paris are the Grand Dames of Europe, then Lisbon, Portugal is the unruly, prettier stepsister who deserves all of the attention. Similar to Dorothy’s Oz, with its pale yellowish cobblestone streets, the “city of the seven hills” is a winding stretch of neighborhoods that have as much character as(…)

Energized in the land of light 1

LEIRIA, PORTUGAL — Portugal is the land of light. You step off of the plane and cannot help but to be engulfed by its healing, energizing, centering properties. No matter what region of the country you are visiting, this will be what you take away. Like California, Portugal runs the gamut on landscape boasting beaches,(…)

Dreaming of springtime in Maryland 1

BALTIMORE — It’s March and that means that Easter eggs are soon on their way and that pints o’ beer and allergies are here! We all love spring, St. Patrick’s Day and holiday feasts, and one of the best places to celebrate all three is the Baltimore-Annapolis, Maryland area on the Chesapeake Bay. Rich in(…)

Seeing Washington

Seeing Washington 0

D.C. is the center of the new American Renaissance, and deservedly so.

Travel richly in Big Sur, even if you’re broke

Travel richly in Big Sur, even if you’re broke 4

BIG SUR, Calif. — I’m broke. You’re broke. We’re all broke. Sometimes the best medicine comes in the form of a pretty distraction, and I’m not talking about Pamela Anderson here. If you live in (insert city name — really, any one will do), it’s time for you to GET OUT. No doomsday warnings here,(…)