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Nikolas Bunton is a Blast West correspondent from the East Bay. His interests include reading, music, film, spirituality and meditation, writing short stories and poetry, and theatre--among others.

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Inmate firefighter thought to have died of natural causes 0

SAN LUIS OBISBO, Calif. — Just over a week ago, on Wednesday January 4, a California inmate firefighter, Crisanto Leo Lionell, died a natural and unforeseeable death at the age of 54 during his daily training exercises.  Although the autopsy results give out little to no information as to his actual cause of death, the(…)

Proposed $1 billion stadium deal could relocate 49ers to Santa Clara 0

SAN FRANCISCO — After a drawn-out battle between San Francisco and Santa Clara for the rights to host 49ers’ home games, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee spoke to the public on Monday, wielding a white flag as he announced to disheartened local football fans that reclaiming the team would be “a very steep uphill climb.”(…)