Terminator was indeed a cinematic benchmark and it took longer than we thought to see a gaming company to develop a game around this franchise. So, to all Terminator series fans, we have good news, and also to all gamers: game developer, Plarium, built the game you all have been waiting for on this, well established franchise, it is called the Terminator Genisys: Future War for both Android and iOS mobile devices. This is the very first MMO strategy game which permits players to choose between Resistance and Skynet. So, while watching the movie you did not need to choose sides, but now which one will you take? Would you fight to save humanity or choose the machines?

What is the game about?

This new mobile Android and iOS game is basically an extension of the narrative of Terminator Genisys, from the point the series ends, the game begins in a world that’s torn by fierce battles between the hostile Skynet facilities and Resistance holdouts. Once you have chosen on which side you would like to play, you have at your disposal 24 3D units in 6 classes, Assault, Infantry, Aviation, Cavalry, Spy Drones and Siege Units.

On the Resistance side, you can transform the weapons of Skynet against it by developing virtual military forces with the game Terminator technology. To balance this out, Skynet players are given the capability of unleashing the crucial T-series Terminators, siege platforms and use Hunter Killers.

Terminator Genisys: Future War is can be played both on Android mobile devices and iOS platforms for free, you can purchase few in-game items for real money, which will give you an extra advantage. Mobile games require a fast internet connection for playing the game, like in the movie also in the game events happen to a fast paste, so in order to keep up with the game a good and fast internet connection is really a must otherwise your game might crash at the worst possible time.

It really is a joy to see finally the game for the Terminator Genisys franchise, and best of all the game can be played anywhere since our mobile devices go with us all the time everywhere nowadays. This makes it so easy to follow up on the game development 24/7 you are not bound to your computer anymore.

What to expect from Terminator Genisys?

In this game the first thing you need to decide is on which side you are. There is not too much difference between the two sides in the game from a gaming point of view, but still it is a choice you need to make. In their appearance the units will seem to be different from each other, just as the bases that you’ll be building, but other than that everything else in the game is similar.

Once you choose on which side you are playing pay attention to the missions you are given an follow them through. Check the building log and its recommendations for you, these are tasks that you need to do and will help you rewards and this way you can ensure that the base is heading towards the right direction.

As in other MMO games, this is crucial and very important. During battles and invasions you can win or loose, what you have built so far. You can consider this a vital part of the game. When you capture points, you can earn numerous resources to strengthen and build your base. So strategy and your abilities are crucial towards your success in the game.

MMO strategy games require you to learn the game for best results in order to get more interesting troops. Watch out for the things in which you can spend your time and dive into them. After all the stronger your troops are, the better chances you will have of capturing resources. Once you do get rewards seek them out and claim them, especially since few of them are hidden in the UI.

Also follow through the time-based tasks which don’t need you to do anything, this is when your mobile is so handy, you can get these going when you don’t want to play directly and still you will get rewards. It is better to set off a long one when you put down the game so that you may obtain extras when you log in next time. Again this is about thinking ahead and playing your game even when you are not logged in.

Mobile gamers, and MMO lovers here is a game that is easily in your hands and has several challenging levels for you to go through. We are confident that Terminator Genisys: Future War is a game that will be appreciated by all, after all Terminator fans are already on it and MMO gamers will surely try it out since they seek new titles all the time. Enjoy!

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