Family Guy is arguably the most successful animated TV comedy since The Simpsons. Seth McFarlane’s series about the Griffins is crude and pretty dark at times, but it never fails to raise a smile.

Whether it is the show’s famous riffs on Star Wars or Peter’s inability to simply walk down some stairs, it has been responsible from some truly hilarious TV – and its longevity is pretty remarkable considering it was actually cancelled at one point and only revived later due to fan demand.

Considering its success, it is unsurprising that there have been a few attempts to get the Griffins into the gaming world. Here we take a look at a few of the better efforts created so far.

Online Slot

It is not uncommon to see popular TV shows or films adapted for online slots, from Jurassic Park to Bridesmaids. The online casino from bgo offers a slot based on Family Guy, which features all of the show’s characters, seven mini-games and other in-play enhancements. As well as featuring a host of imagery from the show, the game includes soundbites and animations which tend to appear when you’re successful. It’s a nice touch which means that a winning payline is greeted with a classic clip or funny quote from Peter & Co.

If you’re into slot machines featuring your favorite show, you can also get a Terminator 2 slot on Pocket Fruity or one based on Game of Thrones on Magical Vegas.

The Quest For Stuff

Developed by TinyCo, Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff is a free-to-play mobile game which follows the standard format of such games by including in-game purchases.

Created with input from the show’s writers, the aim is to rally your favorite characters in an effort to save Quahog – which of course has been destroyed by Peter after a battle with his arch nemesis Giant Chicken.

It’s a great recreation of the show which also receives regular updates, like the Halloween special released in October which featured guest appearances from The Evil Dead’s Ash and Billy the Puppet from Saw.

Family Guy Pinball

Released in 2015 by ZEN Studios, the Family Guy Pinball mobile game sees the world of Quahog adapted to a virtual pinball table. There are several story threads, including helping Peter in his ongoing battle with the Giant Chicken and working with Chris to catch the Evil Monkey in his closet.

Like bgo’s online slot, all of this is brought to life with a range of sound effects and imagery from the show which make this perfect for any fan.

If you’re a pinball enthusiast and want to take things a step further, there’s also Stern’s actual real-life pinball machine based on the show which features exclusive phrases recorded by Seth McFarlane himself.

And the Rest…

As mentioned, the games above are among the best Family Guy titles but if you’re still keen for more there are others out there, including a couple of console games – Family Guy Video Game! and Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse – which were released to middling reviews.

A MMPORG game called Family Guy Online was also launched in 2012 but sadly only lasted for a year before being closed down.

However, with the show’s continued success, it is more than likely that there are still many more games to come related to the ongoing adventures of our favorite Quahog clan.

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