For many of us, playing a quick mobile game while the commercials roll in between our favorite TV shows is a common occurrence. But have you ever considered the possibility of combining the two? These days there are more video games based on top television series than ever, particularly mobile games that are available to download straight to your smartphone or tablet. In fact, the crossover trend between TV and mobile game is so hot right now that we’ve decided to make a list documenting a few of our favorites.You’ll notice

that a lot of these games are aimed at what you’d call the ‘casual gaming’ market, which means they are simple and straightforward enough for anybody to pick up and play. That doesn’t make them any less entertaining, though. So, if you’re a die-hard fan of a particular TV show, listen up – there’s a good chance that there’ll be a mobile game that’s perfect for you!

Deal Or No Deal

Here’s one of those classic game shows that’s definitely achieved cult status in a lot of people’s eyes. Originally a Dutch TV production, the U.S. version first aired on NBC almost a decade agonow, hosted by well-known germophobe Howie Mandel. Most people know this program as “the one with all the boxes”, but regular watchers will know there’s a lot more to this incredibly tense games how than that!

And, if you’re a fan, then you may have already heard about Sun Bingo’s Deal Or No Deal game. It’s a cool take that features all the aspects of the show itself: the suspenseful music, the gasps of the audience and, of course, the infamous banker who just might make you an offer you can’t refuse.Players can win cash prizes up to a whopping $12,000, but of course there’s always the chance that your box could be worthless, so choose wisely.

As well as the desktop website, there’s also a neat mobile app that’s available to download exclusively on tablet devices. This allows players to log in to their account and play on the move, anywhere with a decent WiFi or mobile data connection.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

One of the most instantly successful titles to crossover from TV to mobile, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a must-have for anybody out there who’s more than a little bit obsessed with Keeping Up…

So what’s on offer? This game is available to download from all major app stores and features sharp graphics with a simple yet entertaining storyline. Basically, the idea is to turn your character into an A-list celebrity by completing challenges, building your bank balance and spotting key career opportunities. It’s free to download but there’s always the option of in-game purchases if you want to buy unique hairstyles, accessories or clothing.

This is also an interesting game because it definitely sets a blueprint for other digitally-savvy celebs to follow. In lending her name to this game, Kim K has broadened her appeal to include television, social media and, now, mobile technology. Pretty smart, huh?

Gordon Ramsay Dash

Do you love Hell’s Kitchen? Can’t get enough of Mr. Ramsay’s angry English accent? If the answer to these questions is “absolutely” then Gordon Ramsay Dash is definitely the game for you.

Glu Mobile are one of the leading developers of mobile games, and they certainly know a thing or two about making simple, entertaining titles based on television shows. In Gordon Ramsay Dash, you are the star of a new reality series that’s called Rising Star Chefs. Players have the power to customize their own little chef and are initially set up into a rinky dink burger joint, with the task of getting the highest ranking at every stage of service.

The idea is to unlock harder challenges and work your way up the food chain to better quality restaurants. It’s a strangely addictive challenge that will make you want to avoid Ramsay’s renowned fury just as much as the contestants on the TV show!

So there we have it, three crossover games that have successfully made the switch from TV to mobile. Even if your favorite show isn’t in there, don’t worry just yet. Judging by the huge popularity of these three, we expect to see another wave of TV-based mobile games on the horizon sooner rather than later.



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