The Battlestar Galactica franchise has a pretty mixed history. The original series that premiered in 1978 was successful at first, with great ratings and a People’s Choice Award for being the “Best New TV Drama Series”, met its demise 17 episodes later. The attempted 1980 reboot has destined to fail from the very beginning, with most of the original cast not returning, Richard Hatch (Apollo) even turning down the role he has offered. After several failed attempts to revive the show, a TV mini-series written by Ronald D. Moore (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and produced by David Eick (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess) finally did the trick. It was followed by one of the most epic science fiction TV series of our times, leaving its footprint everywhere in popular culture.

Pop culture impact

The Battlestar Galactica TV series spawned numerous TV movies and webisodes, as well as a spinoff series (which also failed to deliver), several books, and comic books. One of the most interesting of the series’ offspring was a video slot machine inspired by its visuals, which has become one of the best ever made. Even today, five years after its release, the Battlestar Galactica slot machine is among the most-played ones at the Vegas Palms, an online gaming venue with a massive library of games. Although it has hundreds of amazing titles, the Vegas Palms still lists this game as one of its most popular ones. No wonder: few other games at the Vegas Palms are this complex, and none of them have a soundtrack created by Bear McCreary. Thousands of visitors play the best online slot games there, and each of them tries the Battlestar Galactica at least once.

We live in an age when more movies are revived or rebooted than ever before. After several failed attempts to transpose Battlestar Galactica to the big screen, the time for it seems to have finally come.

Big screen revival

Series creator Glen A. Larson has tried to adapt the story of the series to the big screen. The original series has seen three feature-length episodes released in theaters (Battlestar Galactica, Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack, and Conquest of the Earth), and several TV movies – but none of these were original, true feature films. Larson has started the negotiations with Universal for a big screen revival of the series. Several writers and directors were attached to the movie ever since, including Bryan Singer (X-Men) and Francis Lawrence for the director’s chair. According to the latest news, Westworld writer Lisa Joy is set to write the script. While there are no details about the planned release date of the movie, it’s reassuring to know that it’s not dead – some even consider it a potential tentpole franchise for Universal Studios.

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  1. torie monaghan

    the original battlestar galactica was killed and murdered intentionally by ABC, they didnt want it for thier own reasons and did everything to sabotage it, ill give you a diferent example, say your town likes elevator music, and someone like marilyn manson comes from your town, do you really think they will name a park after him even though he would be the most famous person to ever come from your town? ABC also didnt want anyone else to have battlestar galactica, they killed it on purpose

  2. Cliff mcilwee

    The movie release will be the most refreshing thing to come from universal in some time! If they get some Moore input and keep it real ( no three eyed or talking blobs) I and millions of others will follow it faithfully! I like the dirt, drama and fact that they actually used the bathroom! Just keep it real and it will be one hell of a return!

  3. Steven Knight

    I loved the original series. I tried watching the reboot but couldn’t get into it. Just didn’t feel like battlestar galactica to me. The original was very creative with their own style of dress and different words such as centar and yaren, instead of second and year. The reboot had too much earth like attire and terminology. I hope the new movie will be more like the original.


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