For most sports enthusiasts, the name Jon Price sounds all familiar because news of his achievements in the world of sports betting has reached far and wide.He’s added commentary here at Forbes on the Super Bowl & March Madness and correctly predicted the Denver Broncos to win the Superbowl in Early September during a Huffington Post interview. Headlines were made when he placed a pre-season futures bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series. He is one of those wagering gurus whom every avid punter aspires to be. In simple terms, you cannot name the top 10 punters of all time and not include his name not unless you want to annoy betting enthusiasts, in which case your list will fail the credibility test. He is currently 80% so far in the Las Vegas NFL Super Contest which further solidifies his sports wagering credentials. This guy is a guy who uses algorithms, information, and gut instinct to not pick stocks like a hedge fund would but rather to pick winners in sports match ups and has become one of the most notorious spots gamblers of all time thanks to this.

Life Using Statistics to Predict Sporting Match Outcomes

Along with a man named Billy Walters, Jon Price is a man feared by many in Las Vegas casinos, not because he does anything wrong but because he has built a reputation of getting it right and making huge sums at the expense of the casinos. The thing about casinos is that the odds are always stuck against you, which is why the number of those who make money compared to those who lose is unimaginable. In simple terms, those who lose money outweigh those who win by a huge margin. Thus, when casinos encounter a gambler who is able to beat the lines and continuously take money away from them they`ll want nothing to do with that person and Jon Price is one of those people. Over the years, he has had to use other people(runners) to wager on his behalf because his reputation precedes him everywhere he goes.

Jon is known to make crazybig wagers, risking as much as $2 million on numerous occasions especially when he has the data points lined up and sees a great opportunity that he can excel at with a higher probability of success than normal. However, he will only risk such amounts on very few occasions in a year because such matches are hard to come by and he is famous for his risk calculations never having a losing season ever. As a career gambler, he wagers on matches on a weekly basis and because of this he has been able to amass great wealth through the years. Since 2013, he has won bets accumulating to $12.5 million in the NFL alone. His is not a story of over night success where you make crazy bucks and lose most of it gambling. It is the story of a lifetime gambler who continues to make money using this unorthodox career. His story sort of demystifies the myth that in the life of a gambler, you make some and lose more. He is proof that you can consistently make money if you carefully make the right wagers, dedicate your life to sports betting, and exercise discipline throughout your career.

The genesis of Sports Information Traders

Owing to his successful gambling career, he started a sports betting service called Sports Information Tradersallowing the public no access until just recently as Jon Price enters retirement having made enough money in his life to last him many betting lifetimes.Through the firm, members of the public would now be able to access his picks and betting tips for a fee and thus share in his success. He formed a team of analysts and PH.Ds through the years as outlined and explained in the Huffington Post. He did this so that the firm would be able to cover a wide range of sports, because he couldn’t do it all alone and knows hiring the smartest guys in the room helps to ensure his continuous success being one step ahead the Las Vegas sportsbooks. Forinstance, outside the United States, the most popular game is soccer and fans want to make money through their most favorite sport. Thus with the help of analysts, his firm is able to satisfy the needs of punters from all over the world and has excelled making clients in Europe, Asia, and Australia millions of dollars just as he has done for his clients back home in the United States of America.

Jon is one of the fewpeople in the industry who relies on the data that he and his team have collected while placing wagers. He is quoted saying that his picks are not based on just a mere hunch, but are highly reliant on statistics and probability. Of course not all of his picks are winners but if his track record is anything to go by, he has proved his worth. Besides Mathematical algorithms, he also relies on his gut; if he has a bad feeling about a game, he will not bet on it and neither is he going to advice his clientsto wager on it no matter how tempting it is. Discipline has helped him gain his notoriety and now he is being looked at by ESPN and journalists after going a perfect 5-0 against the spread in week 1 of the NFL season and then a still impressive 8-2 against the spread through the first 2 weeks of the NFL season.

Recent Success

As of September 13, 2016, his firm won all the five matches of the opening week of the NFL season and by 22nd of September he was 80% for the regular season. This ensured that he was comfortable in position 1 of the Las Vegas SuperContest at the Westgate Hotel and Casino. Jon Price is definitely the man to watch out for this season as he is known to make poor degenerates into rich sports gamblers after speaking with him.

During the 2015 season, he wagered on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Serieseven before the season had started(futures bet). A $22,000 wager won him $264,000 at the end of the season. His firm currently has a 64% winning record which he considers a slight dip because it’s not truly reflective of his profits when he wagers a higher amount. This is similar to how blackjack players can win 49% of their bets but they bet more when they win.

Can anyone make money through Sports Information Traders?

By subscribing to a firm that has a historical documented 64% winning record, it means that your chances of making money are higher than those of losing. You will not make money from all your wagers, but your winnings will be more compared to the number of times you losewhich is a good thing.

His Advice to Amateurs and Those That Want to Join Sports Info Traders

Jon Price is against the idea of parlay betting whereby punters place multiple bets in the hopes of winning at least one. There is some crazy Instagram gambler named It’s Vegas Dave who is trying to tout this but its all for show. In contrast, he prefers analyzing top games and picking 2-3 teams which have the best odds and thus a higher probability of cashing in a winning betting ticket. He also offers insightful advice to sports fans all over the world by encouraging them to stop betting based on emotion. If you bet on a team based on the mere fact that it is your favorite, your judgment will be clouded and you may end up losing a lot of money.

As a career gambler, Jon Price has definitely done a great deal for himself and his success has earned him features on major publications, including Forbes Magazine.




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