Online gaming players will always harbor concerns of online casinos resorting to cheating in order to increase their profit margins. The obvious answer to whether online casinos need to cheat is no; however, it would be naive to think that some less reputable casinos do not engage in this despicable practice.

Anyone who enters into a business knows that the ultimate goal is to maximize profits. The manner in which this is achieved should always be legal and adhere to all guidelines as per the relevant regulatory agencies in that particular industry. Furthermore, one would have to assume that all the necessary business plans and research would be done, as a matter of course, before engaging in a venture; to ensure the best chances of success.

Consequently, it is logical to expect anyone launching an online casino service, would have to do so with a strategy of maximizing profits, legitimately; as this is the only true way of ensuring the long term success of the business.

However, as in any competitive industry, there will always be rogue entities that would like to take advantage of any perceived weaknesses in the commercial model. This is especially true of gaming, both land based and online. The gaming industry has always had a bad reputation, ever since the beginning of time, and have always attracted unsavory characters and illegal activities, especially since it is a high volume cash operation. One only has to think about mafia activities in Las Vegas, numerous examples of prominent sporting event results being manipulated (cricket, horse racing, football etc), and international gambling syndicates attempting to distort betting volumes and/or results.

Nowadays, the gaming industry has very strict guidelines and regulatory bodies that operators need to obey. Online gaming players should be familiar with regulatory organizations like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and the Gaming Authority of Malta; these bodies are the most recognized and reputable Gaming Control Boards.

Unfortunately, there are many other Control Boards that are less stringent, and tend to attract gaming operators who are not terribly interested in being ‘above board’ or protecting their players from illegal practices. And so one will always be able to find instances of online casinos cheating, with quite a few being documented and available to be viewed on YouTube – is a typical case.

In spite of these occurrences, the online gaming industry continues to flourish, as in the main, most online casino operators are perfectly respectable and completely legitimate.

Casino players wishing to join a new online casino service, should always make sure that the operator has met certain requirements. Firstly, any serious operator will have at least one of the gaming licenses from the Gaming Control Boards that have been listed earlier. The second aspect would be to look at third party relationships, trusted online casinos will only deal with reputable suppliers for games, technology, payments, like Net Entertainment, IGT, Microgaming, Visa, Skrill, PayPal and Mastercard. The third requirement is that all games are rigorously tested to ensure RNG and game results are random. This exercise is usually done by companies like eCOGRA, which specializes in this types of reports. In addition to this, any credible casino will be associated with bodies that ensure that players have the necessary help if they cannot control gambling habits, so the likes of GamCare and IBAS should be clearly listed on the site. Party Casino is a shining example of this – if you visit their online casino website, you can see in the footer area all the relevant licensing certificates and responsible gambling links.

Furthermore, players should always take the time to find out about the background of the company and/or brand. This can be done by doing simple checks online via google, or visiting gaming forums and review sites to review comments and experiences of other players. A top forum to visit is – Another good sign that any casino operator is legit is how long they have been in business and whether they have any other related land based gaming operations.

Therefore, online casino players will be able to find lots of reputable gaming operators to enjoy their favorite video slots and table games in safe and secure environment.

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