Fighting, shopping and lots of drinking: Just another day in the lives of the Hotwives.


On Monday, August 10, the cast of the Hulu television series, “The Hotwives of Las Vegas” gathered together at the Paramount Pictures lot in Los Angeles, California to screen the first two episodes of the new season for friends and family. Parodying the antics of the “Real Housewives” franchise, the series first focused on a group of women living in Orlando dealing with the over-the-top drama that their real-life counterparts often face. This season, airing August 18, brings back Casey Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Andrea Savage, Dannah Phirman, Tymberlee Hill and Danielle Schnieder as a new group of ladies living it up in the city of sin, Las Vegas.


Interestingly enough, most of the women had not been fully exposed to the “Real Housewives” franchise before accepting the job. Erinn Hayes, the new addition to this season, said she was “afraid of getting too into the show,” which did happen once she started to do research for her role. “After a few nights, my husband started to ask me when my ‘research’ would be done, as I had completely engrossed myself in the series,” said Hayes. Contrary to her costar, Andrea Savage said she is “not a huge Housewives fan and only watched a little to research for the character.”


As all viewers of the “Real Housewives” know, every woman has to have a tagline. When asked what their personal mottos would be, the ladies replied with very entertaining answers, from Savage’s, “Way grosser than she looks” and Hayes’, “I’m just trying to get it together,” to Angela Kinsey’s, “Get out of my way at Target, bitches!”


One of the most enticing aspects of “The Hotwives of Las Vegas” is the cast. Every woman has established herself in the world of comedy and brings her own unique humor to the set. Kinsey is attracted to comedy because “nobody takes themselves too seriously and it’s a great break from whatever stress is in life to just laugh.” Savage added that “it’s all about the people: humble, smart, and always funny.” With a cast of women that talented, it can be presumed that some improvisation is inevitable. Hayes confirmed that “it was very free and individual ideas could definitely be explored,” but noted that “the scripts were so good that a lot of improv was definitely not necessary.”


Although the women are playing different characters this season, the premise of being as ridiculous and over-the-top as possible is still very present. Kinsey affirmed that “the women are still horrible and ridiculous, but the stakes in Vegas are higher. The highs are really high and the lows are just depressing. People go to Sin City to make something happen and when it doesn’t, it’s really sad.”


Be sure to watch “Hotwives of Las Vegas” on Hulu when it airs this Tuesday, August 18 and check out the full first season of “Hotwives of Orlando”.

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